Bank Cleaning

Mazzoni Cleaning Services is a distinguished and trusted cleaning services for banks all around Middlesex and Suffolk counties in Massachusetts for many years. The experienced janitorial company has earned an estimable reputation for the quality, reliability and faithful services, providing security and safe vicinity for the clients and the customers.

Mazzoni Cleaning Services guarantee skilled and well-trained agents to handle highly secure facilities. We provide quality-driven cleanliness methods that take care of each area with proficient employees and the latest equipment. We also guarantee to facilitate a bright, dust-free and germ-free room in each part of the building both in display and for health.



The team at Mazzoni Cleaning Services understand that a bank is where numerous people from different walks of life enter and exit. We help in presenting a comfortable and inviting environment to put all workers and clients at ease.

Floor maintenance

We provide auto-scrubbing, burnishing, refinishing and stripping services to banks. We also make sure that they are static-treated to prevent pollutants from sticking.

Air quality

We maintain that all types of air conditioning appliance. The staffs are trained to remove and re-attach them while cleaning. To improve air quality, we also clean air vents, ceiling fans and sources of clean air.


We use micro-fiber materials to optimize soil removal while scrubbing and dusting. We also use as many non-toxic and eco-friendly products to cleanse drains and water sources. We use green methods to eliminate bacteria, fungus or germs which we learned through experience is a more durable and cost-effective method.

Pressure washing

We offer pressure washing services for carpets, sofas, chairs and other non-removable appliances in the most professional, efficient and quick way.

Surface degreasing

A greasy surface makes any place look uninviting. Be it coffee, snack or product stains on the surface; we do our best to keep them shiny, smooth and dust-free.

Shelf and cabinet cleaning

Since banks house numerous vital documents, we ensure that our client’s needs are classified and maintained with discretion to simultaneously secure safety of personal information and health.

Hospital grade Disinfectant

We use a color-coding system and dual chamber mop buckets to prevent risks by cross-contamination. Microfiber cleaning equipment and HEPA filter vacuums are also used to boost tough soil and dirt removal. EPA-approved disinfectant and Green Seal certified chemicals are used to optimize cleanliness.

Traceable and authenticated system

Since security and safety is a priority in banks, we make sure that the employees are distinctively uniformed, identifiable and follow protocols to the dot so that every action is traceable. Each of them is instructed, trained and mastered before being deployed to the site to enable immediate fix if there is any misstep or dissatisfaction.

Flexible service

We offer daily, weekly, fortnightly or even monthly cleaning and maintenance services according to necessity. We are flexible with our timings, mobility, and staffs required to establish round-the-clock service even in emergency situations.

We also offer highly knowledgeable and skilled customer service available on call or email for all your bookings and inquiries, and we would be happy to serve you as we continue to strive for meticulous services with utmost care for quality cleaning and customer satisfaction.

Flawless, Healthy, Reliable and Professional Cleaners

Mazzoni Cleaning Service is a reliable janitorial service that had been rooted in and around Massachusetts for the past 20 years. Our Janitorial company specializes in making a home, businesses institutions and even your banking services clean, respectable and presentable with our modern cleaning service

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