Mazzoni is a janitorial service company that offers commercial cleaning services to clients based in Boston, Massachusetts.

Providing environmental friendly cleaning services

Mazzoni Cleaning Service delivers all cleaning equipment and products to our clients. Since we are sensitive about the health of our clients as much as we are concerned about our environment, we use as many eco-friendly products as we can. We are also specific about the quality of life for our clients, so we provide non-toxic, non-hazardous and green cleaning products for all cleaning jobs and we work extra hard to clean even the most stubborn dirt in any messy or disoriented places.

Round-the-clock services

We understand the need for emergency cleaning, so we make sure that we have employees available for services at any time of the day, depending on the needs of our clients. We also have substitute workers but no one compromise quality no matter the hour.

After events

Whether it is a frat party, wedding receptions, carnivals or fund-raising or corporate events, book your cleaning services to save you the trouble of all the downs after the guests have left.

Floor strip/wax/ scrub

We specialize in floor maintenance, whether you need them scrubbed, stripped, waxed or polished, we can do it all efficiently. We also provide anti-static floor finish to regulate static and dust particles.

Windows and ceilings

To prevent risking your safety while cleaning high windows or roofs, call our cleaning services to provide you insured employees to ensure your cleaning needs and safety.


Carpet washing and dry cleaning ensures that all your rugs are dust free, stain free and smelling fresh extend durability without spoiling the quality

Latest equipment and most efficient products

To expedite quick and efficient services, we equip all workers with the latest tools to reach even the highest or darkest corners that need a fresh cleaning. Employees gear with the most competent equipment and tools for professional up-keeping.

Commercial cleaning

Whether it is a commercial building, office, property and real estate management buildings or architecture, creative or entertainment space, Mazzoni Cleaning Services can assist in all your cleaning requirements.

Trash removal

We take out your trash and ensure that they disposed of off in the most hygienic and safe way to the right places.

Cleaning of room light fixture and appliances

We also have special teams to help clean indoor fixtures like your light, ceiling fans, and other appliances. They are trained to detach and re-attach all types of installations when they clean them.

Post construction cleaning

our cleaning services extend to any size of construction projects. We work with builders, property owners, contractors, and architects. We service dust, stain or excess building product materials, washing and sanitizing surfaces, windows and floor cleaning and everything needed to ensure presentable finishing.

Rooms and washing facilities

Mazzoni Cleaning Services supply all sanitizing materials for all types of places, including the washrooms. We provide non-hazardous products and chemicals to brighten up any space.


Flawless, Healthy, Reliable and Professional Cleaners

Mazzoni Cleaning Service is a reliable janitorial service that had been rooted in and around Massachusetts for the past 20 years. Our Janitorial company specializes in making a home, businesses institutions and even your banking services clean, respectable and presentable with our modern cleaning service

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